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Supporting TV program and concert Da Capos

In anticipation of the most famous of all Philharmonic concer ts, the New Year's "matinee", a feature named "Start of the New Year's Concert 2021", shown on Friday, January 1st, at 10.35 a.m., will take a look behind the scenes of the glamorous event. The film by Thomas Bogensberger shows interesting facts about the months of preparation: from the ballet shooting to setting up the elaborate flower arrangements in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein to glimpses into the orchestra rehearsals.

The ORF "Pausenfilm", shown during the intermission, is titled "Happy Birthday, Burgenland! 1921–2021" (approx. at 11.50 am) by Felix Breisach, and pays tribute to the youngest and smallest federal state in Austria on its 100t h anniversary. In addition to historical aspects, the focus is on musical greats such as Franz Liszt and Joseph Haydn. The performances of the Vienna State Ballet shown during the concert and pre - produced by the ORF were danced in the splendid rooms and facilities of the Liechtenstein Garden Palace and in the Looshaus. For the 150 th birthday of its architect "Adolf Loos – Visionary and Provocateur ", ORF 2 will be showing the film portrait of the same name by Rudolf Klingohr at 9.45 am.

Anyone who misses the live broadcast of the New Year's Concert in the morning has three more TV opportunities to watch the event: As a "late riser service", "ORF III Kultur und Information" will be broadcasting a Da Capo during prime time on January 1s t (8 .15 p.m.), introduced by "Prelude for the New Year's Concert 2021" (7.35 p.m.).

3sat will broadcast the top - class cultural event on Saturday, January 2n d (8 .15 p.m.). ORF 2 will then show the top event in the "matinee" on Wednesday, January 6t h (10.05 am) – before that the "Pausenfilm" (9.05 am) and the opening documentary, this time under the title "Behind the scenes of the New Year's Concert" (9.30 am), will be shown.




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