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Scene 6

[Main camp, the next morning. Painfully brilliant sunrise. The mountain is silent. Ennis comes out, pulls up his pants. He staggers toward the coffee pot, sloshes stale coffee around, feeds the fire and puts the left-over coffee on to heat. He has a hangover but what happened in the night is clearly remembered.]


Who am I now?

Who am I now?

What happened seemed right.

Our bodies are not different—[painfully, very slowly] and yet they are.

But I know it’s wrong.

He calms me, he touches me, he heals my loneliness.

But who am I now?

[Jack emerges slowly from the tent. He gets what is left of the coffee, goes to opposite side of stage. He too has a hangover, but elation shines through the pain. Ennis turns away, avoids looking at him.]


He was drunk.

And so was I.

But it was more than quick sex.

There was somethin more.

Somethin wild and


He’s got feelins for me.


It can’t happen again.

I’m goin to marry Alma.

Have children. Raise a family.


A kind of tenderness.

For me.


What happened seemed right.

But it won’t happen again.

I’ll ride away tonight, under the moon.


He could be The

Someone for me.

Tonight, under the moon…


He calms me, close to me, close, close.

[agitated] It can’t happen again.

JACK [turning to Ennis]

We got to talk about last night—

ENNIS [In turmoil, not wanting to look at Jack. Harshly.]

You better know somethin. I ain’t no queer.


Me neither. But I’m not sorry we done it. Are you?


I CANT TALK ABOUT THIS! Damn you! I’m goin to marry Alma!


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